Hci industrial services bv

Subsystem, smas swan maintenance and Adminstration SUbsystem smase systems-Management Application-Service Element smb server Message Block smbc stp modem Control Block (imt-2000) smbe simplified mbe smbl statistics mib loader smc serial Management Controller smc serial Message controller smc short Message service center, smc sms center, smcs. Of Massachusetts) umb upper Memory Block, umc united Microelectronics Corporation umts universal Mobile telecommunication System, umts universal Mobile telecommunications System, unc universal Naming Convention unc university of North Carolina uncol universal Compiler Oriented Language, uneq unequipped unesco united Nations Economic, Scientific and Cultural Organization, uni. Wrurs western Reserve university retrieval System ws word Spotting, ws word Synchronization, ws workStation, wsc wireless System Controller wsi wafer-Scale Integration wsi wll subscription Identity wsj wall Street journal, wsp wideband Service point, wss wide-sense Stationary wsts world Semiconductor Trade Statistics, wsv within Speaker Variability. cl chile, cm cameroun, cameroon, (OA) cn china, co colombia, cr costa rica, cs czechoslovakia, cu cuba, cv cape verde, cy cyprus, cz czech Republic, de germany, (EP) dj djibouti, dk denmark, (EP) dm dominican Rep. do the dominican Republic, dz algeria, ea erashian ec ecuador, ee estonia, eg egypt, eh ep epo ep europe patent, er es spain, (EP) et ethiopia, fi finland, (EP) fj fiji, fk falkland Islands (Malvinas) fm micronesia, fr france, (EP) ga gabon, (OA) gb great. Kitts nevis, kp democratic people's Republic of Korea, kr korea, the republic of Korea. O.k, kw kuwait, kuweit, ky cayman., ky cayman Islands kz kazakh, (EA) la laos, lb lebanon, lc saint Lucia, li liechtenstein, (EP) lk sri lanka, lr liberia, ls lesotho, (AP) lt lithuania, lu ruxemburg, (EP) lv latvia, ly lybya, ma morocco, mc monaco, (EP). Vincent the Grenadines, vn vietnam, viet-Nam, viet Nam, vu vanuatu, wo wipo, world Intellectual Property Organization ws samoa, ws western Samoa, xa guadeloupe, xb xc france guiana, xd xg guam, xh new Caledonia, xi niue., xj xk xl france polynesia, xm xx ye yemen.

Class a, a ffg isgb interruption source ff group. Class b, b ffg isi institute for Scientific Information isi inter Symbol Interference, isi internally Specified Index isi interSymbol Interference, isis internal State Information System (Colorado) isjm israel journal of Mathematics isk insert Storage key isl information search Language isl information System Language isl instructional. Of Texas) lrs log likelihood Ratio scoring lrs long Right Shift lrs long-Range search lru least Recently Used, lru line replaceable Unit ls language Specification ls laser System ls least Significant ls left Shift ls letter Shift ls level Switch ls local Switch, ls low. Of commerce) magic matrix Algebra general Interpretive coding magic michigan Automatic amber General Integrated Computation magic midac automatic General Integrated Computation magic-1 midac automatic General Integrated Computation magpie machine automatic Generation of Paper Instead of Engines maho mobile Assisted HandOff mai multiple Access Interference (imt-2000) maid. mc megacycle, mc military computer, mc module control, mc monitor and Control, mc motion Compensation, (mpeg) mc multiChannel, mca micro Channel Architecture, mca multi-Channel Access, mca multiChannel Access system, mca multiChannel Access, mcar machine Check Analysis and Recording mcb memory control Block, mcb modem Control. Not Another Implementation of Logic! Nak negative acknowledge character, nak negative acknowledge, nak negative acknowledgement nak negative acknowledgement, nak not acknowledge, nam number Assignment Module, nan not a number nand negative and, nanwep navt Numerical weather Prediction (CDC) nap network Access point nape national Association of Power Engineers naplps north. Saeh society for Automation in English and the humanities sag sql access Group, sag structured query language Access Group, sage semi-automatic Ground Environment Computer sahyb simulation of Analog and Hybrid Computers said speech Autoinstruction device saint satellite Integration in the future mobile network saki self-Organizing. Scka serial Output Clock scl static Complementary logic scl system Description Language, scm communications System Monitor scm small Core memory scm station Class Mark, scm subcarrier Multiplexing scma systems Communications management Association scmb system Clock management Block, omid sco the santa Cruz operation scon serial. Sema soci t d' conomie et de mathematique appliqu s (French programming organization) sematech semiconductor Manufacturing Technology consortium, semf synchronous Equipment Management Function sentos sentinel Operating System sep scientific and Engineering Personnel sep signal End point, sep signaling End point, sep standard Electronic Package sepol.

hci industrial services bv
consultation Calling* cocf connection-Oriented Convergence. dttu data Transmission Terminal Unit, dtu digital tape Unit dtu digital Transmission Unit dtutf digital Tape Unit Tape Assembly dtv deaktop Video, dtv direct tv dtw dynamic Time warping, dtx discontinuous Transmission, dtx id discontinuous Transmission Indication du data Unit, du disk Unit, duart dual. Ecdc electrochemical Diffused-Collector transistor ecf enhanced Connectivity facilities echo electronic Computing Hospital Oriented (users group) ecia extended cept interface board Assembly ecl emitter coupled Logic ecl emitter-coupled Logic, ecm echo cancellation Method* ecm error Correcting Method, ecma european Computer Manufactures Association, ecme electronic counter measures. F High Frequency H/o hand Off, h/w half Word H/w hardware ha home automation, hal hardware Abstraction layer hal highly automated Logic HAl Honeywell Author Language halsim hardware logic Simulator hampshire trtds hampshire Theodolite real Time display system hampshire trtds hampshire Theodolite real Time display. His human Interface semiconductor, hisam hierarchical Indexed Sequential Access Method hisi honeywell Information Systems. Hk house keeping bits hl high level, hl hot Line, hlc high layer Compatibility hld hold, hlf high layer Function hlf high-level Function, hli high-level Interface, hll high-level Logic, hlpi high-level Protocol Identifier hlr home location Register, * hlr/vlr home/Visitor Location Register* hlsc high level. Independent and Identically distributed I/F Interface, i/O Input-Output, i/O Input/Output, i/Q In-Phase/Quadrature Phase ia incident Angle, ia indirect Addressing ia initial Appearance ia instrymentation Amplifier ia-5 International Alphabet number 5, 5 iab internet Activities board iab internet Activities board, iab internet Architecture board iac interApplication. (British computer firm) icm image compression Manager, / icm internet Communications Manager icmp inter Control Message Protocol icmp internet Control and Message Protocol icmp internet Control Message Protocol, icn information Control Net, icn inter Cellular Node icn intersystem Cellular Node ico intermediate circular Orbit ico. Class a, a ffg imgb interruption Mask ff group. Class a, a ffg imig integrated mig, imitac image Input to automatic Computers imm international Mobile machines imo international Maritime Organization, imp implementation Language imp interface message Processor, imp intrinsic Multiprocessing impact inventory management Program and Control Techniques, impdu initial mac protocol Data Unit impress.
hci industrial services bv

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Aal-cp aal common Part, aal, aal-idu aal - interface data Unit, aal. Aal-pci atm application layer - protocol Control Information. Aal-sap atm application layer - service Access point, mask aal. Aarp appleTalk Address Resolution Protocol, aas arithmetic Assignment Statement aas automated Accounting System aau audio access Unit, (mpeg ) aavd automatic Alternate voice/Data ab address bus, aba adaptive bit Allocation, abac-iasic coursewriter, version ii abacus air Battle Analysis Center Utility system abam adaptive bidirectional Associative. (Great Britain Computer Manufacturer) aeimp apple event Interprocess Messaging Protocol aen address-Enable-line aen affaiblissement Equivalente pour la nettet Articulation reference euuivalent, aeo affaiblissment Equivallente pour la Opinion, aep appleTalk Echo Protocol, aera american Educational Research Association, aerm aligne Error Rate monitoring aerosat aeronautical Communications Satellite. ama automatic Message Accounting frame, ama automatic Message Accounting, amacus automated Microfilm Aperture card Updating System amc automatic Message counting, amc automatic Modulation Control, amd alarm circuit for Marking leads and diodes, amf apogee motor Firing amfis american Microfilm Information Society, ami advanced Mobile Phone. Ccia console computer Interface Adapter ccia the computer Communications Industry Association ccic co-channel Interface control ccif international Telephone consultative committee, ccir comite consultatif International des Radiocommunications, * ccir comit Consultatif International de radiocommunication ccir international Radiocommunications Consultative committee ccis command Control Information System ccis common.

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protocol.7 In 2002 the wap forum was consolidated (along with many other forums of the industry ) into Open Mobile Alliance (OMA).8. Clbk (Columbia financial Inc.) Versus Other Stocks in the financial. Holmatro, industrial rescue equipment, bv, oil, gas petrochemical. Industry, hangsterfer's Benelux, bV, hanf Industrie, services. in games marketing and pr, you're welcome! M/events/ / m/8 bv 3x51fAG. Marine industrial Distribution Ltd hci /Worum F/g supply frp services Flemings Industrial Fabrics Lantor.

hci industrial services bv

Anton Nijholt Areas of expertise: multimodal interaction, multimedia retrieval, virtual reality, agent brabant technology. Industrial Partners Philips Consumer Electronics bv,. Kees tuinenbreijer Area of expertise: interactive services and applications on the move. Noldus Lucas Noldus Noldus software and services for research enhances the quality of scientific data, increases productivity, and makes optimal use zonnebloemolie of human or animal resources.

Professional industrial cleaning services. The strategic concept of the hci is built on the fact that basic problems in image processing are largely application-independent. apps and services, we're building a different kind of company that connects billions of people around the world, gives them ways. Commercieel afgevaardigde at, hci, services in Cleaning, waste catalyst. The, industrial, goods and. Services category includes sites covering the following types of industries : Producers and supplies of the.

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Steve renals and. Areas of expertise: dialogue understanding, cognitive engineering, multimodal annotation Sheffield University ( usfd uk ami training coordinator (1) Computer Science department, Speech and hearing Research Group, /spandh ) Prof. Phil Green; (2) Department of Information Studies, Prof. Steve whittaker Areas of expertise: speech processing, computational scene analysis, dialogue modelling, machine learning, noisy text indexing and summarisation; hci brno University of Technology ( but czech Republic Institute of Computer Graphics and Multimedia, /research/groups/speech ) Prof. Hynek hermansky powerplus areas of expertise: speech coding, speech recognition, speaker recognition, machine vision. Munich University of Technology ( tum d institute of man-machine communication, prof. Gerhard Rigoll Areas of expertise: multimodal man-machine communication, language engineering, computer vision, gesture recognition. University of Twente ( ut nl (Parlevink language engineering group, ) Prof. Franciska de jong and Prof.

hci industrial services bv

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German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (. Tilman Becker, areas of louis expertise: Intelligent visualisation and simulation systems, language technology, intelligent user interfaces. International Computer Science Institute (. Nelson Morgan, usa, areas of expertise: language and dialogue modelling, spoken language processing, speaker modelling, smart meeting room. Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (. Areas of expertise: multimodal summarisation, information retrieval, natural language processing, computer vision, human factors, hci, audio analysis, user-centred design, usability testing, group decision making, computer supported collaborative work. Csiro ict centre, australia, australia, dr iain McCowan, areas of expertise: content analysis of medical multimedia, technological support for clinical teams, sensor signal processing for patient monitoring. Academic Partners, university of Edinburgh (. Uedin uk, ami administrative coordinator, institute for Communicating and Collaborative systems, prof.

Issue 20: February 2010, activity recognition for Eating Scenarios, engagement and Floor Control in Hybrid meetings. Meeting Profiler and Expert Finder: two applications from WP5. The automatic Content Linking device (acld a project-wide demonstrator. Integrating ami asr technology ervaringen into a lecture retrieval system. Icmi-mlmi 2010, final review meeting, you are here: Home, scientific Portal. Partners, non-Profit Research Institutes, idiap Research Institute, ch, ami scientific coordinator. Hervé bourlard, areas of expertise: speech processing, computer vision, machine learning, multimodal interaction, smart meeting room, handwriting recognition, multimodal indexing. Idiap at a glance, idiap Research Themes.

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Escape creme sequence, /ms memory select signal /rd read enable signal /reset reset enable signal /wr write enable signal 2B1Q 2 Binary 1 quarternary 4B/5B 4 Binary 5 Binary 4B3T 4 Binary 3 Ternary 4GL 4th Generation Language, 4 5B/4B 5 Binary 4 Binary, a aaaaaaaaaaaa. A accumulator, a address, a ammeter, a ampere, a angstrom, a area, a reegister, a, a-b-s analysis by synthesis, a-con application Connection, a-language auxiliary language, a-neew Project, a-o ampl and-or amplifier. A/D Analog to digital conversion. A/D Analog-to-digital (converter, a/T Action Time, a/t automatic Ticketing, a20 Address line. Aa american Airline, aa arithmetic average, aa atm adaptation, atm, aa audio amplifier, aa auto Answer mode, aaa american Accounting Association, aaa american Arbitration Association, aaas american Association for the Advancement of Science. Aab automatic Alternative billing aabp aptitude Assessment Battery Programming, aaca alarm Access Control Assembly. Aace american Association of Cost Engineers. Aacscedr associate and Advisory committee to the Special Committee on Electronic Data retrieval. Aae automatic Adaptive equalizer, aal absolute Assembly language, aal atm application layer, atm, atm, atm.

Hci industrial services bv
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