Na osnovu člana. (1) i (4 a u skladu sa članom. Zakona o nezavisnim i nadzornim tijelima policijske strukture bosne i hercegovine ( Službeni glasnik). "What is antivirus software?". "Lars and His real Girls". "Duelling Unicorns: CrowdStrike.

(2) Predsjednik odbora za žalbe policijskih radiofrequenztherapie službenika je odgovoran za zakonitost rada Odbora za žalbe policijskih službenika. (Poslovnik postupak i način rada Odbora za žalbe policijskih službenika u mjeri u kojoj nisu propisani zakonom, utvrdit će se poslovnikom o radu Odbora za žalbe policijskih službenika koji usvaja vijeće ministara bih na preporuku odbora za žalbe policijskih službenika. (Prijelazne odredbe stupanjem na snagu ove odluke prestaje da važi odluka o imenovanju članova odbora za žalbe policijskih službenika službeni glasnik bih. 94/08, 05/13 i 32/14). Ova odluka stupa na snagu danom donošenja i objavljuje se u "Službenom glasniku bih".

, zamjenik predsjednika i članovi odbora za žalbe policijskih službenika imenuju se na mandat od četiri godine. (Nadležnost) (1) Odbor za žalbe policijskih službenika nadležan je za donošenje odluka po žalbama koje podnesu policijski službenici protiv odluka koje su donijela policijska tijela bih u pogledu statusa policijskog službenika ili u slučajevima propusta policijskog tijela da donese odluku u pogledu statusa policijskog službenika. (2) Odbor za žalbe policijskih službenika odlučuje o žalbi u roku od 30 dana od dana prijema žalbe, osim žalbe na odluku o suspenziji, o kojoj odlučuje u roku od tri dana. (3) Odluke odbora za žalbe policijskih službenika su konačne i moraju se izvršavati bez odgađanja, s tim da mogu biti predmet sudskog preispitivanja u skladu sa zakonima bosne i hercegovine, a dostavljaju se u roku od osam dana od dana donošenja. (Naknada) (1) Ministarstvo sigurnosti bih pruža administrativno-tehničku podršku odboru za žalbe policijskih službenika, a način administrativno-tehničke podrške će se detaljnije urediti poslovnikom o radu Odbora za žalbe policijskih službenika. (2) Članovi odbora za žalbe policijskih službenika imaju pravo na naknadu za rad u odboru u skladu sa Odlukom o utvrđivanju naknade za rad članova odbora za žalbe policijskih službenika službeni glasnik bih. 58/09, 71/11 i 52/16). (Izvještavanje) (1) Predsjednik odbora za žalbe policijskih službenika podnosi godišnji izvještaj o radu Odbora za žalbe policijskih službenika vijeću ministara bih, te posebne izvještaje prema potrebi ili na zahtjev vijeća ministara bih.

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(2) Odbor za žalbe policijskih službenika je osnovan zakonom o nezavisnim i nadzornim tijelima policijske strukture bosne i hercegovine službeni glasnik bih broj 36/08) (u face daljem tekstu: zakon) kao nezavisno tijelo vijeća ministara bosne i hercegovine (u daljem tekstu: bih) sa nadležnostima u članu. (Imenovanje u odbor za žalbe policijskih službenika imenuju se:. samir rizvo, diplomirani pravnik, pomoćnik ministra za međunarodnu saradnju i evropske integracije u ministarstvu sigurnosti bih, predsjednik odbora;. bošnjak ivica, diplomirani pravnik, čin glavni inspektor pomoćnik direktora sektora za osiguranje vip osoba i objekata u direkciji za koordinaciju policijskih tijela bih, zamjenik predsjednika;. slobodan krstić, diplomirani oficir policije, čin glavni inspektor pomoćnik direktora za organizaciju i operacije u graničnoj policiji bih, član;. semir pašanbegović, diplomirani pravnik, čin glavni inspektor načelnik centralnog istražnog ureda u graničnoj policiji bih, član;. ljubiša pandurević, diplomirani pravnik, čin samostalni inspektor, šef bleken kriminalističko-istražnog odsjeka u regionalnom uredu banja luka u državnoj agenciji za istrage i zaštitu, član;.

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9 The gun could be retracted into a container behind the driver's rotating cupola for protection as well as to reduce overall height, and was operated remotely by the commander. 1 Furthermore,.62 mm machine gun was mounted coaxially alongside the main gun for close-defense. 10 The us prototypes were fitted with the M73 machine gun, while the german version utilized the mg-3 machine gun. The ammunition load of the mbt-70 prototype seen in the deutsches Panzermuseum consists of 42 tank rounds, 6 Shillelagh missiles, mm cannon rounds and 2,700.6251mm nato machine gun rounds. 1 Protection edit The mbt-70 was protected by a newly developed type of spaced armor in the frontal area of the hull and the turret. It consisted of an outer layer made of cold-rolled hardened steel and a softer inner steel layer, which also served as spall liner with space between the two. This type of armour offered better protection against armor-piercing and heat warheads, which were by then one of the strongest threats against tanks. Sketch showing spaced frontal armour, low profile and seating arrangement of crew The tank's low silhouette, which could be lowered from.59 metres (8 ft 6 in) to only.99 metres (6 ft 6 in was also a big advantage.


S the effective combat range vennootschap of the 105 mm L7 tank gun was considered to be about 1,800 metres (5,900 ft). The xm578 apfsds round was made of a newly developed tungsten alloy, which was.5 percent tungsten. This new alloy had a density.5 gcm, which was a big improvement compared to the older tungsten-carbide apds and apfsds rounds. 7 Another new feature of the ammunition was that the tank rounds were "caseless. E., they had combustible cases. 3 The mbt-70 was equipped with a laser rangefinder and an auto-loader, located in the turret rear, two 'cutting edge' devices for this time.

The auto-loader was capable of loading both missiles and normal tank rounds. 8 The germans were planning to use the mbt-70 in combination with the keiler, a tank equipped with a rheinmetall 120mm smoothbore gun. 3 Therefore, a suggestion was made to base a version of the keiler on the mbt-70 chassis — this version was nicknamed Eber, but only a wooden mock-up was made. According to the german plans, the mbt-70 would destroy enemies at long ranges, while the keiler would have an effective combat range of up to 2,000 metres (6,600 ft). 3 The secondary armament of the mbt-70 consisted of a remote-controlled 20 mm Rh 202 autocannon for use against aircraft and light armoured vehicles.

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The suspension could be raised or lowered on command by the driver, down to put the bottom of the tank just over 4 inches (100 mm) from the ground, or up to 28 inches (710 mm) for cross-country running. 5 6 The mbt-70 was designed with a low silhouette, unlike the M60, one of the tallest tanks ever built. The mbt-70 ended up very low, just over 6 feet (1.8 m) from the floor to the turret-roof. This left no room in the hull for the driver, who had to be moved into the turret. He was located in a cupola which was geared to rotate so that he was always looking in the same direction even if the turret turned.

He could also spin the cupola around, so the tank could be driven backwards at full speed. 3 The us version was to mount the newly developed Continental avcr air-cooled V-12 diesel of 1,470 horsepower (1,100 kW). German versions originally used a similar daimler-Benz model, but later moved to an mtu design of 1,500 horsepower (1,100 kW). The mtu unit could be easily swapped out of the tank, along with the drive train, in 15 minutes. Both versions could reach 43 miles per hour (69 km/h) on their engines, compared to 30 miles per hour (48 km/h) for the t-62. Armament edit turret weapon layout, autocannon in stowed position, barrel pointing backwards mbt-70 prototype test firing an mgm-51 missile The 20 mm autocannon deployed The mbt-70's main armament was a stabilized XM150 152 mm gun/launcher, a longer-barreled and improved variant of the xm-81 gun/launcher used in the. 6 This gun/launcher could fire conventional 152 mm rounds like high Explosive, anti-personnel, high Explosive anti-tank (heat) and Armor piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot (apfsds) rounds, but also the Shillelagh missile, a 152 mm guided missile, which had a combat range of some 3,000 metres (9,800 ft).

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Soviet tanks would have increased firepower and protection, and both designs would be placed at a disadvantage by the new smoothbore gun in the, t-62. An upgrade project for the leopard was planned, 3 but it appeared this model would not be enough of an advance to be worthwhile. In order to develop a vehicle that would meet the standards of both armies, germany and the United States drafted a memorandum of understanding that specified certain desired characteristics and organized a joint rosacea Engineering Agency and a join Design team with equal representation from both. Despite these measures, conflicts between the differing engineering practices of each country plagued the mbt-70 project throughout its development. Arguments arose over almost every part of the design: the gun, the engine, and the use of both metric and sae units in the separately-manufactured components of the tank. While this last dispute was settled by an agreement to use a common metric standard in all interface connections, the resulting complexity contributed to delays in the development schedule and the ultimately inflated budget of the project. 4 Many features of the mbt-70 were ahead of their time. The vehicle used an advanced hydropneumatic suspension system that allowed for fast cross-country speeds even though it was to weigh 45 tonnes (50 short tons).


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West Germany withdrew from the project due to costs and new difference in requirements. The United States continued development of the mbt- when the program was finally cancelled, with funds and technology from the mbt-70 project redirected to the development of the. West Germany independently developed the. Leopard 2 as its new main battle tank. Contents, history edit, in the early 1960s the german. Leopard 1 and the us, m60 were the newest main battle tanks in their respective country's service. While designed egel to counter the. T-54/55 tanks, it became clear that the next generation.

The, mBT-70 (German: kpz 70 ) was an, american, west German vocado joint project to develop a new main battle tank during the 1960s. The mbt-70 was developed by the United States and West Germany in the context of the. Cold War, intended to counter the new generation. Warsaw Pact tanks developed by the, soviet Union. The new tank was to be equipped with a number of advanced features such as newly developed "kneeling" hydropneumatic suspension and housing the entire crew in the large turret, and was armed with a 152mm XM150 gun/launcher, which could use conventional ammunition and the. Shillelagh missile for long range combat. 3, by the late 1960s, the development of the mbt-70 was well over budget and affected by design issues.

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Na osnovu člana. (1) i (4 a u skladu sa članom. Zakona o nezavisnim i nadzornim tijelima policijske strukture bosne i hercegovine službeni glasnik bih broj 36/08 te člana. Zakona o vijeću ministara bosne i hercegovine službeni glasnik bih. 30/03, 42/03, 81/06, 76/07, 81/07, 94/07 i 24/08 powerplus vijeće ministara bosne i hercegovine, na 102. Sjednici održanoj dana. Odluku, o imenovanju članova odbora za žalbe policijskih službenika član. (Osnivanje) (1) Ovom Odlukom imenuju se predsjednik, zamjenik predsjednika i članovi odbora za žalbe policijskih službenika i uređuju određena pitanja koja se odnose na rad Odbora za žalbe policijskih službenika.

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