Makeup usa

makeup usa

(Hint: Forget about the heavy, expensive foundations most stores try to sell crossdressers and tg women.) everything you need to know about using makeup brushes correctly. Foolproof eye makeup application secrets. (I guarantee youve never seen these techniques before, but theyll revolutionize the way you do your makeup!) An easy, effective way to feminize your chin and jawline. Why the wide eyes and Tall Lips rule is key to achieving feminine facial proportions. How to disguise blemishes, redness, and dark circles using simple color correcting techniques. (And why most concealers only call attention to the areas you are trying to hide.) How the right makeup techniques can take years off your face.

Introducing, makeup meet Magic: The Ultimate male to female makeup Program is a comprehensive training program that will teach you everything you need to know about applying makeup so you can look better than you ever imagined possible. These highly specialized male to female makeup techniques arent taught in books or makeup counters, but theyre about to open up a whole new world of confidence for you! The makeup Magic Program is an interactive online program that Consists of: 10 instructional videos 10 fully illustrated cheat sheets 3 exclusive bonus gifts, access to the private, makeup Magic members area. Heres everything Youll Discover Inside, the makeup Magic Program: In Module 1, youll learn the fundamentals of makeup and discover how to apply makeup strategically to bring out the beauty and femininity of your face. By the end of this training, youll know how to create a natural and beautiful daytime look. Youll also learn how to turn up the volume and go from day to evening in 5 easy steps. It doesnt matter how much makeup experience you have (or dont have). Simply follow along with the videos and see instant, gorgeous results! Heres Whats Included in, module 1: daytime makeup. Video 1: daytime eyes Video 2: daytime skin Video 3: daytime lips Video 4: daytime contouring Cheeks Video 5: day into evening makeup Tutorial 5 fully illustrated cheat sheets q a support in the makeup Magic members area and Heres What youll Discover: The specific. How to choose the right foundation to achieve flawless feminine skin.

makeup usa
Thats why i decided to put together the best and most comprehensive male to female makeup program ever created. But First, Who am i and How Can i help you? My name is Lucille sorella and Im an image stylist who works with the transgender/crossdressing community. I help girls just like you achieve images that express who they truly are. Im excited to announce that ive teamed up with renowned makeup artist Chris Scott to bring you this special program. Chris Scott is the ceo and founder of the makeup gourmet Studio in San Francisco and is the author. The cosmetics counter Survival guide. Chris has extensive experience with transgender makeup, and for the first time ever, will be revealing his best male to female makeup techniques.
makeup usa

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In fact, its the single skill my girls tell me they struggle with most. Sure, there are tons of makeup books and videos ervaringen out there. But most of them are geared towards cisgender women. Virtually none of these books and videos reveal how to transform masculine features into a beautiful, feminine face. Until now, you had 3 options: Try to figure it out on your own. Pay an expensive makeup artist to teach you. (Though most makeup artists know nothing about male to female makeup!). Make due with subpar ranonkel makeup skills and a subpar appearance.

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makeup usa

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makeup usa

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Discover How to Transform your Appearance in the next 2 weeks with. Makeup Magic: The Ultimate male to female makeup Program. Welcome, girlfriend: Did you realize that your face is the first thing people notice about you? And that people judge you on your image within seconds of seeing you? The good news is that makeup can have an amazing impact on your appearance. Hows this for proof? If you present yourself as a serum woman, perfecting your makeup skills is critical. Even if you only crossdress in private, you deserve to be the most beautiful and feminine version of yourself possible! But heres the problem, most people dont have a clue about how to apply makeup.

Makeup usa
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